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Teaching Philosophy

If you are taking or plan to take one of my classes, this is what you should expect me to expect from you

  • fundamental knowledge and analytic thinking (grad/undergrad), i.e., conceptual understanding and practical ability to use general/abstract concepts (definitions) to solve basic problems (application of definitions to find solutions);
  • quantitative knowledge (grad/undergrad), i.e., practical ability to use mathematical tools and techniques;
  • critical/practical/synthetic thinking (grad/undergrad), i.e., ability to conceptualize (synthesize) redundant (overly specified) systems (as usually happens in real world problems) in segments, and to extract the minimum information needed to formulate a (unique) solution using basic concepts and tools;
  • creative thinking (grad), i.e., ability to design original and personal solutions using existing tools and/or ability to create novel tools to solve problems.