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Laminar and turbulent flows over rough and patterned surfaces

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  1. PI, Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory in-kind support, `Emergent Behavior of Micro-structured Surfaces (2014-Present);
  2. PI, SDSU University Grant Program, `Emergent Behavior of Micro-structured Surfaces (2014-Present);

Surfaces with microscale topological features are ubiquitous in nature and in technological systems. These include surfaces of flowers, leaves and roots as well as ultra-porous coatings in shear sensors, ultra-capacitors and batteries, and superhydrophobic surfaces for drag reduction etc. Understanding how chemicals and fluids are transported across these extremely complex surfaces is critical to understand a plethora of biological, technological and environmental systems. This knowledge is necessary to produce a leap-frog advancement in our ability to first understand, then control and finally design biological, technological and environmental systems with targeted properties, e.g. self-healing self-cleaning surfaces, or surfaces that can control bacterial growth patterns.

However, the mechanisms and parameters that control macroscopic response are still unclear. This research will achieve this understanding through the development of a theoretical framework, which will elucidate the connection between microscopic properties of the surface and its behaviour at the system scale.